How StreamElements +20% product conversion with in-the-moment insights

StreamElements is a highly regarded all-in-one live streaming platform for content creators on platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. 

Music and live-streaming
Tel Aviv, Israel


Improve user engagement and feedback by gathering in-product insights through Wondering’s user research platform.


Long feedback loops between the product team and their customers, leading to increases in customer complaints.


A better understanding of users led to a shift towards data-driven innovation, increased engagement, faster issue resolution, and a more positive brand perception.

StreamElements is a widely recognized all-in-one platform catering to live streaming content creators across platforms like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook Gaming. The fast-growing platform is built to elevate the streaming experience for listeners and empower creators to effectively connect with their audiences.

Central to StreamElements' mission is aiding creators in fostering stronger connections with their fans and followers while transforming their passions into viable livelihoods. To achieve this goal, the team prioritizes listening to, and building with, customers during the product development process

The challenge: Engaging with users and obtaining actionable insights

Acknowledging the importance of understanding and empathizing with their customers' experiences and challenges using their product, StreamElements tries to continuously  carry out research throughout their product development process. Like many start-ups, they encountered hurdles when attempting to obtain relevant feedback from customers, including: 

  • Long time-to-insight due to manual processes: Conducting user interviews manually was time consuming, and the lack of efficient user targeting detracted from their ability to collect relevant insights
  • Increasing customer complaints after product launches: The release of new features could impact the customer experience negatively, leading to increases in customer complaints and a fragmented customer experience
  • Low research engagement: Targeting customers through email blasts had disappointingly low response rates, limiting the number of customers they could collect feedback from

The solution: Building a continuous discovery habit with in-product user insights

Aware of the limitations of their current research process, StreamElements aimed to rapidly improve their product discovery and research process by incorporating feedback from real customers from the start of their product development cycle. 

To ensure they were always designing products that met the needs of their customers, they started incorporating weekly touchpoints with relevant customers that were affected by feature changes or product releases. Likewise, to build a continuous discovery motion across their product organization, StreamElements adopted Wondering’s user research platform to collect diverse feedback at key points of their in-product journeys, understand user needs, and ship impactful feature upgrades. 

Their approach focused on four key pillars that enabled product teams to get into the habit of speaking with customers on a regular basis:

  • Efficiently targeting real customers: StreamElements utilized Wondering’s in-product integration to send in-product research studies to targeted cohorts of customers in key product journeys based on the actions they take within their platform
  • Gathering diverse insights: With Wondering’s AI-powered platform, they were able to quickly interview users, enabling them to better understand user needs and pain points and address usability issues quickly
  • Scaling research effortlessly: By conducting research with Wondering’s AI-powered platform, StreamElements could scale their research program efficiently, without having to spend more time each week organizing and running research studies‍
  • Building more customer-centric product teams: By adopting Wondering’s platform, it’s easier than ever to access user insights. This has enabled the product teams at StreamElements to continuously learn from customers and incorporate their feedback into the product development process.

The impact: Turning users into fans by listening to customers

By democratizing access to insights gathered from real customers with Wondering’s AI-powered research platform, product teams at StreamElements are able to quickly get feedback from relevant users and address any usability issues, empowering them to directly move key metrics such as product conversion rates and customer support load.

This has led the team to: 

  • +20% in product conversion: By adopting Wondering’s in-product studies to get targeted user insight, the've driven a 20% product conversion increase directly from insights collected on Wondering.‍
  • -50% in customer support tickets: Insights from targeted in-product studies on Wondering has helped StreamElements iteratively reduce the amount of complaints their customer support team receive by shipping improvements to the product experience. An example of this is when, after a recent feature roll-out, the team noticed that the engagement levels for a certain user group - which represented roughly 3% of customers - dropped sharply. Prior to adopting Wondering, getting rapid feedback from this specific user group would have been difficult. But, with Wondering, the team at StreamElements were able to deploy a study on their website to the group that had been affected within 3 hours, identifying negative aspects with their user experience quickly and directly from their real customers. StreamElements then shipped updates that ensured that the roll-out was accepted by all customers, directly reducing the number of customer complaints they received.‍
  • +50% in research studies conducted: Wondering's easy-to-use research platform has empowered StreamElements to scale their research programme significantly, with 50% more research studies being completed in Wondering during their first 6 months using the platform than in the 6 months prior.

How you can engage further with users and gain valuable insights

Wondering helps companies like StreamElements grow their revenue by reducing the time it takes their product team to get insights that help them build better experiences for their customers. You can replicate this success by deploying AI-powered user research studies within your product journeys to collect targeted feedback from your customers at scale. This empowers you to:

  1. Optimize your product journeys: Uncover pain points and areas for improvement in your core product journeys
  2. Validate new ideas and test your designs: Test your designs before you start building and quickly validate new ideas and concepts
  3. Prioritize your product roadmap: Make informed decisions on which features to build next based on a deeper understanding of your users

Wondering empowered researchers at both large and small companies to increase the success of their products by delivering relevant user insights in real-time from real customers. Try out Wondering for free to start scaling your user insights programme.