Scale continuous discovery with AI-led user interviews

Test new ideas, validate your assumptions and understand what makes your customers tick so that you can build products people love.

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Scale understanding of your users with AI-led user interviews 

Interview hundreds of users in hours with Wondering's AI-led user interviews. Then, automatically uncover trends in your interviews with AI analysis to build a deeper understanding of your customers and prioritize what your team should build next.

Conversational AI, with a human touch

Our AI Interviewer is adaptive, keeps the conversation focussed, and automatically asks intelligent follow-up questions.

Mix qualitative and quantitative research

Get the depth of an interview at the speed and scale of a survey. Understand customer pain points and preferences at scale by complementing including rating and multiple choice questions in your AI-led user interviews.

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Collect actionable insights from your customers at scale

AI-led user interviews give you in-depth qualitative insights to empower you to make informed decisions and move your product forward.

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