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Make sense of your AI-led user interviews and design tests and uncover important themes in your data with with AI analysis.

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Easily identify patterns with automated analysis

Voice and text responses are transcribed and summarized in real-time, with patterns, trends, themes, and opportunities automatically identified and surfaced. That means you can focus on driving impactful change.

Dig deeper into the “why?”

Attribution makes it easy to see the individual responses that ladder up to identified patterns, trends, and themes so you can quickly validate analysis.

Connect findings to solutions

Research without buy-in is futile. Export data and analysis in a single click to clearly articulate your findings and propose concrete product solutions and design recommendations.

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Quickly turn responses into actionable insights that move your team forward

Powerful, self-serve analysis to help you analyse your AI-led user interviews and design tests to uncover customer needs and pain points.

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Uncover patterns in your data

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