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AI-led user testing

Take the guess-work out of your product development. Make product decisions 16x faster with AI-first user interviews, prototype tests, surveys and concept tests.

User experience research that scales

Test your product hypotheses faster

Automate building your studies

Designed to help you gather insights faster. Use Wondering's AI to build best-practice research studies that combine in-depth user interviews, concept tests and survey questions.

Deploy studies in-product or to our global panel

Interview the right participants, every time. Target users on your website based on in-product behavior, or target our global panel of over 150K participants based on 300+ filters.

Interview users in any language with AI

Scale your research and understand what your customers really need with AI-led user interviews and prototype testing. Wondering supports AI-moderated research in 50+ languages.

Turn data into insights with AI analysis

Uncover themes, spot product opportunities and understand where your users struggle faster with AI analysis. Each response you collect is transcribed and analyzed in real-time.

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Get insights 16x faster with AI-first user research

Get the "Why?" with AI-led interviews, surveys, prototype and concept tests

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Reach the right participants, at the right time

Run qualitative interviews at the scale of a survey

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